A gentle reminder to be gentle

I am at the Yoga studio. It’s been 2 weeks since I practiced yoga. Since the last month or so, I have been doing less yoga than I need or my body is used to. It should have been a warning. But I don’t think anything of it. Today it feels harder. I am surprised.Continue reading “A gentle reminder to be gentle”

Worldwide June Gratitude Pledge

I am hosting a June Gratitude & Mindfulness Pledge for everyone who wants to join in any corner of the world. To put it simply, all of us know that being appreciative of the little things in life has great benefits to our mental health. But most of us may lack the discipline and/or theContinue reading “Worldwide June Gratitude Pledge”

What I learned by quitting my dream job

If you know me even a little bit, you will know that my middle name is dementia. My life has been defined by this dreaded and dreadful condition. As a teenager, I was a young carer to my mom who lived and died of Young Onset Alzheimer’s in her 40s. Everything I did from thenContinue reading “What I learned by quitting my dream job”