Be a fountain

A few days ago, I came across this quote, “Be a fountain, not a drain,” and I was immediately captivated by it. Perhaps because I identify so much with the analogy of being a fountain. I often end my meditation with affirmations / visualization of a fountain – some days it’s of joy and love, and on others of peace and positivity. “I feel a fountain of joy within me. I am a fountain of compassion and love,” to give you an example.

I reflected on what about the fountain resonates with me. Here are a few aspects of the fountain that I love and try to embody personally:

  • Abundance 

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  • A cycle – it puts out joy (or water if you want to be literal) and it goes right back into it.
  • No ulterior motive except to spread a message of calmness, coolness and beauty
  • Stability – it doesn’t travel from place to place, but it draws the weary and the thirsty to it and rejuvenates them.

And that got me to thinking, how can we as human beings be fountains?


  • Practice self-care. The fountain is continuously feeding itself what it puts out.
  • Balanced input and output – The fountain can never give others more than it gives itself. This is especially for someone like me that derives so much pleasure, validation and meaning in serving others. But if I don’t fill my cup, I will be draining my cup.
  • Self reflection and knowing our strengths – The fountain does not try to dispense fizzy drinks! It knows what it has and what it can offer.

We can all be fountains. Even when we are in pain. It does not matter whether we start by focussing on loving ourselves or by spreading joy and love to others. In the end, we have to do both to create this unending symbiotic relationship between ourselves and the universe.

In my case, I did start by giving to others. It helped me start healing from trauma. But I often felt empty and drained. I realized that I was stretching myself without giving any type of care and compassion to myself. I pushed myself till I could no longer.


This experience taught me that a drain is not always draining others. Drain can mean draining ourselves. So more drainage for me!! You see, the healing had created the space for many other things, but I wasn’t putting anything in. Early this year, I began meditation and things evolved drastically for me. I feel love and compassion for me and those around me. I am able to set better boundaries and know my limits. I became aware. I became a fountain.

If you want to learn more about self-care, mindfulness and creating an inner fountain, please do talk to me.

Published by Ekta

I am constantly evolving and it is hard for me to put my life and writing in words. When I look back at my posts, I am amazed and humbled at all that has happened and excited about where I am at and what the future holds for me. I am the best version of myself when I write.

2 thoughts on “Be a fountain

  1. Love this! It seems so hard for others to be fountains. I believe the more you give the more you recieve​. Great post!


  2. The title itself is a great way to get inspired. Sharing positive vibes all around you can truly make a big help. Sharing the love and making a brighter aura in this modern era.


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