Worldwide June Gratitude Pledge


I am hosting a June Gratitude & Mindfulness Pledge for everyone who wants to join in any corner of the world. To put it simply, all of us know that being appreciative of the little things in life has great benefits to our mental health. But most of us may lack the discipline and/or the motivation to be consistent with it.  I thought, “Why not create a community event and all of us can be in it together!”

The pledge starts June 1 at 12.01AM and ends on June 30th at 11.59PM your local time. All of you have to do is spend 5-10 minutes everyday to write down 10 Positive Things that happened or you noticed on any given day.

Personally, I spent a year doing this in 2017. I want to emphasize that this is different from praying. It can be part of your praying practice, but slightly different. This is intentionally reflecting on every single day and writing down things that we may otherwise enjoy in the moment, but not necessarily preserve it.

What kind of things can be written?

A. It would depend on your values and personal goals: e.g. if you’re someone who has been timid and are working towards your goal of allowing yourself to get angry, and you do that one day – you’d write, “I allowed myself to get angry.” For someone working on their anger, they’d write, “I was able to walk it off without getting too mad.”

No inherent emotion or action is good or bad. We just have to identify it’s function in our lives. It depends on us.

B. Day-to-day things that we don’t give ourselves and others credit for: You did something special for someone else or someone else did something for you, that can go in your journal! Why should you do this? Well, why shouldn’t you? Isn’t it amazing to go back days and months later and be reminded? My entire journal from 2017 is being such an encouragement to me this year!

Sometime last year, I had a mini argument with Sid. I was really annoyed. I sat down to journal and somehow I opened an entry just made a few weeks ago. And the first thing I’d written on that page was how I came home to a clean house and a hot meal. My annoyance just melted. This is more than just being thankful for your family – this is about documenting a specific thing that you did for them and/or vice-versa.

C. Little things that don’t involve us, but make our lives brighter: Here’s where you write about stopping to smell the flowers or notice people helping each other or children playing in the park or just any damn thing that made you smile during the day!

D. Things you are grateful for each day: Food, clothing, shelter, people to love and hug, your body. I struggle with chronic pain and body image issues. Last year, when I wrote down daily that I am grateful for this body that let’s me do things I enjoy, my feelings towards my body began to change.

WHY? WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Noticing the little things in life helps us to become more mindful. It improves mood, resilience to stress and adopt a positive outlook in general. If you’re healing from a trauma, it can bring relief to think of the smallest things that are not related to that incident. If you’re still not feeling it, working with a therapist can help you get there.

What I have learned is that even if I don’t believe, if I do something with discipline, the belief follows.

Here is the link to the Facebook event:

Add yourself to the event and invite your friends and family! You are all invited to share your ideas and experiences as time goes by!

Please use the #JuneMindfulness on social media if you decide to share. The first thing I invite you to share is a picture of your journal on the event itself on Facebook or on Instagram with the #JuneMindfulness and you can tag me: @i_am_unity if you wish.

I am so excited. Let’s spread the message of gratitude and mindfulness!


Published by Ekta

I am constantly evolving and it is hard for me to put my life and writing in words. When I look back at my posts, I am amazed and humbled at all that has happened and excited about where I am at and what the future holds for me. I am the best version of myself when I write.

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